Starting Over Successfully

All of us experience feelings of self-doubt and loss of confidence at some stage. It’s unfortunate that one of the times you’ll suffer the worst can be at the exact time you need your strength the most.

Just when you thought your life was settled, life throws you what is commonly known as a curve-ball. As John Lennon said: “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans,” and if I could paraphrase from the Robert Burns poem “To a Mouse” I would remind you that the best laid plans of (wo)men and men often to awry.

If you’re floundering, financially, and having to start over at an age when you expected security and plain sailing, help is here.

I Know How You Feel

I’ve been there with the lack of self-belief thing…

At school, I was told I was useless with numbers. I failed at arithmetic ‘O’ Level and wasn’t even allowed to sit maths. Years later, I can work out EXACTLY what returns I get from different investments and I’m a member of MENSA, the high IQ society.

I was born in Liverpool where we lived in a back-to-back terraced house with an outside toilet. Now, through my own efforts, I own a portfolio of properties, having been investing since 1990, including a 7 bedroom/5 bathroom country home in Sussex which I renovated from top to bottom.

My income comes from my investments – mostly property but also businesses, I believe everyone should have multiple income streams – so I don’t have to work for anyone else. I have choices in life.

You can have the same. Whether you’ve come here following separation, divorce, loss, or just a realization that you need to get serious about your financial future, we might be able to work together.

Your Opportunity to Re-design Your Life


As your coach and mentor I am your sounding board for emotional and financial support. Together, we’ll figure our your way forward because, although it may not seem this way right now, you have an amazing opportunity. You have the power to choose your direction, to reinvent, to redesign your life and your future.

We’ll work heart-to-heart & head-to-head until you have a clear direction and a step-by-step plan for your future.

We’ll look at your current circumstances, your dreams and desires and your options to invest what you have to get the income you need so you are safe and secure for the rest of your life.

I'll show you how to work out returns on different investments so YOU can decide the best places to put your money so you can have a future that supports the lifestyle you always wanted

- without scrimping
- without HAVING to work - unless you choose to
- without feeling you have to hand your money over to "managers" who get paid before you do, and regardless of whether YOU make money or not

Whether you consider yourself financially savvy or not, my aim is for you to have the courage to start over and achieve success on YOUR terms.

To NEVER have to go backwards.


Life Events Happen

If, through separation, loss, divorce, or just the realization that you’ve spent your life taking care of everyone except yourself, the time has come to start over, you’re in the right place.

I work selectively with women just like you, who need help and direction at a time when your self-belief has taken a knock. When everything familiar seems to be disappearing all at once and you’re surrounded by uncertainty, how can you be expected to make rational decisions that will affect the rest of your life?

How We Can Work Together

If we find we’re a great fit, we’ll get you dusted down, banish the worry and restore the greatness within you. We’ll work together on a plan for world domination – YOUR world, that is. As you want it to be. Stress-free, forward-looking, secure and successful.

I operate on a totally bespoke basis – we design your mentoring program together - I can only work with 3-5 clients at any one time. Our program will usually last for around 5 to 7 months to ensure your investment plan is in place and working well.

Because of this, I don’t always have a vacancy to work with you immediately so you might have to wait. It depends on what we decide you need.

Get In Touch

To make an initial enquiry to start working with me or go on my waiting list, drop me a line, give me an outline of your circumstances and I’ll respond, either by email, or we can chat and take it from there.

Previous Client Soundbytes

Here are some of the nice things my previous clients have said. I haven’t included names here because, by its very nature, our work together is extremely confidential, but I have names, dates and locations available, if necessary:

“I first attended a talk by Maria at a Property Expo in January 2007 and she really inspired me. I didn't know who to trust so for the past 7 months I've been burying my head in the sand. What a waste of time!! After I finally had my first session with her I was so happy because I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and a way to build on my financial situation that will benefit me and my children. I have started taking the steps discussed and can already see the benefits."

"Maria has been fantastic, positive and motivating. She also took me out of my comfort zone. She was patient with me whilst I was learning the finances”

"Working with Maria is an inspiration, not only is she very knowledgeable and encouraging, but her coaching is clear and easy to follow. Maria is a fantastic & motivational coach. I can't recommend her enough"

"During my first coaching session with Maria she showed me how I could reduce my outgoings by £253 a month AND release £45K to start my property portfolio. Having decided that property investing was the best way to secure my financial future I knew I needed someone with real concrete experience and expertise to move me forward. Maria's skilled and empathetic coaching has given me the confidence to take action. Without her help, I'm not sure I'd have even started yet"

“I felt sooo much better after talking to you and felt that at last I am managing to sort myself out. It was lovely to have a heart to heart with you and try to decide my best way forward. I feel that I have a much clearer direction now.”