Speaking In Stilettos

If you were invited to speak at a huge exhibition in your niche, would you see it as a brilliant opportunity or would it scare you half to death?

When you can deliver a truly great presentation without nerves or notes, you’ll discover a confidence in yourself, paving the way for career advancement, business and sales success and respect from those around you.

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Cut Your Advertising Spend...Forever

Do you realise that you can actually increase the market for your service or product by up to 91% by giving a great sales or promotional presentation? How? Because during the course of a well-crafted, persuasive, presentation, you can actually create a desire that wasn’t there before.

Presenting or Selling?

Absolutely, resoundingly and unconditionally BOTH! Every presentation given is a SALES presentation to some degree. You want your audience members to take some kind of action after hearing your talk, whether this involves making a change or making a purchase.

Most sales presentations and trainings focus on the big push, but this frequently leads to buyer remorse and later cancellation. Far better to lead the customer to the only sensible conclusion - to make the purchase from you.

I’ve also found that when women try to make pushy sales presentations, they can fail spectacularly and appear horribly arrogant.

Women have a different energy, which is why I work exclusively with women to bring out their unique strengths.

My training will teach you to use what I term "PULL SELLING" which results in greatly increased customer satisfaction because the idea to buy was the customer's own.

Consequently, she is happy with her purchase because a change has occurred at a deep level. When your presentation has made such a change happen, a subsequent refusal to buy or a later cancellation would conflict with that change.

The end result is a happy, comfortable customer, no buyer remorse and fewer cancellations.

Why Hire Me?

Maria Davies speakingAs a leading Professional Public Speaker & Sales Presenter, I walk my talk.

Unlike many who only coach, I am regularly giving platform presentations and providing video presentations & voiceovers for various clients, as well as promoting my own businesses. 

If you’d like to enquire about me presenting your product for you, just ask.

Groups I Work With

Self-employed & business owners: Maybe you're in business for yourself. There is no more cost-effective way to raise awareness of your products or services than by presenting to an attentive audience of potential buyers?

Salespersons and sales teams: Does the success of your business sink or swim on the sales presentations given by you or your representatives?  Why would you “wing it” when there’s so much at stake?

Network marketers: If you're network marketing, you must take every opportunity to present your business or products. And you cannot afford to be less than amazing when you do so.

Charity fundraisers: Charity fundraisers must always be seeking opportunities to change hearts & minds. What better way than through the leverage of a well-crafted and emotionally-charged presentation?

Take that first step toward becoming an accomplished promotional machine by contacting me today.