02 Dec

Big Blue Pant Days

I own several pairs of blue pants (and I mean “pants” as in underwear, not as in the US meaning).

These pants are horrible. I mean, really, horrible. They’re sky blue and 2 pairs are even adorned with a small floral print. And they’re HUGE! They were given to me by my Mother, probably in an attempt to make sure I wrap up well against the elements.

When I was a child, I used to get told to “always make sure you wear clean underwear when you go out, in case you get run over and have to go to the hospital.” A cheery thought. Well, these big blue pants are certainly NOT the sort of underwear you’d want to be caught wearing. I can imagine me lying there, unconscious and bleeding, and the doctors and nurses paralysed with shock, rendered speechless, unable to act to save me, frozen in horror at the sight of my big blue pants.


I suppose I could have thrown them out, or donated them, but either out of loyalty to my Mum or because of my own reluctance to waste anything, I kept them. And I wear them. But only on days when I don’t have to go out. Days when I can stay in my lovely house with my lovely hub and lovely cats… because I can.

Most people find they HAVE to go out most days – to work – to earn the money to live. Only when you have the passive income to pay your monthly expenses can you choose whether or not to go out – to work – or to play.

Some days I do, some days I don’t. The point is that I have that option. When I choose to stay in, I can wear my big blue pants and wearing them reminds me that I’ve achieved the most precious thing anyone can get – their life back.

Now, are you spending what you earn, keeping yourself in the hamster wheel and having to work every month to keep afloat.  Or, worse, are you depleting your savings/lump sum by taking your day-to-day expenses from here and hoping  your life expires before your savings do?

If you're currently doing little or nothing towards securing your big blue pant days, we probably need to talk.  Get in touch and let's see if I have the capacity to help.